Thursday, July 7, 2011

scared to be......

i know everyone in this world must be scared to be alone,even myself.even scare to be alone in the dark,scare to be alone without our family,scare to be alone without our lover,scare to be alone without our's carry many mean.everyday i'm scare to be alone in many situation,cause it's hard to me to be alone.if i'm be alone who gonna talk to me everyday,who gonna company me to go everywhere serious i can't to walk alone.i'm not ready to walk alone.

alhamdulillah right now i know that i'm not alone.i have my family and my superlovesfriends have beside me.even though i'm in sad or happy they have beside me.i'm glad with all of them and i thankful to allah cause give them into my life.

p/s:this post to everybody i didn't mention anybody in this post.i made this post cause that picture above.

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perempuanvirgin said... - sick and tired of staying alone