Friday, June 17, 2011


okay aku bangga hari ini aku digelarkan sebagai peguam hee.kenapa?adalah.tapi benda itu ada kena mengena dengan embassy ni.

today we're going to malaysia embassy at shibuya japan.we got some problem with that embassy things and i can solve it all my family problems and my uncle(simillar face with papa) asking me are you study or reading about embassy rules? what i can do is just mama said to me waaaaaah teringin nak kerja dekat embassy ke ni? i smiling again.

super happy when my family said that.i don't know how could i know about embassy things.hee
work with embassy?'s sound cool yaaaaaw.haha.

shibuya were known as a fashion city center at shibuya different.their have 1 shopping center for young generation fashion,1 for our mom or our granny fashion,and 1 more for boys and man fashion.if like at malaysia we just combine it all right?but at shibuya nope.i think maybe at shibuya only like that,maybe la.of course i enter the shopping center for our age fashion.hahaha.serious it's super expensive (takai in japan).i'm only buy some things that not in malaysia.hee.

then we move to shibuya but i don't remember name of that place,we going to hospital (bioyin i japan) visit my closer cousin.i'm closer with her cause she the only one who can speak english fluently.

the conclusion of my day was we're busy with my papa things.

tomorrow maybe me and mama will going to shinjuku or harajuku.maybe la cause here kerap hujan (amir in japan) so it difficult to cuci mata kan :D

p/s:malaysia waiting for me yeaaaaah :)

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