Monday, April 25, 2011

let me story abut her tumblr okay

hey readers and assalammualaikum fer muslim.

whatcha doing yaww?
i'm in updating my blog :)

erm,back to the tittle i wanna share some tumblr to you readers.
click here
if you have tumblr just follow it.
there my friends tumblr,her name pyka and she awesome with her hijab.
one day maybe if DAH SAMPAI SERU i will wear hijab like her amin.
did you know,that i've been try to wear hijab but only in picture haha.
where's the picture?
i will upload it but not now cause my card reader and cable usb HILANG.

i admit that i'm sweet stalker haha.
almost everyday i will check to her tumblr,cause i like her picture with hijab.

how about you my readers?
did you like or love the girls who wear hijab?
or maybe you fall in love with their picture with hijab?
just leave a comment,sure i will reply it

p/s:i love to see girls wear hijab they look sweet


Pkaws said...

Thank you sweety! <3 (:

myra ameer said...

pkaws:ur welcome :) no hal la.