Tuesday, March 29, 2011


hey this is my friend,my close friend.his older than me hahaha.i call him ahmad gila.
i know him from my friends.the most thing i'm jealous about him,he taller than me yaww.
one day he had told me the spirit words,haha.
he said hey you are dude yaww.thumbs up for you dude.
then i hey i'm not a dude man.i'm a girl.
then he reply yeah you are strong girl like a dude.you can be strong dude.

serious that spirit words make me waaaahhhh and give me much more stronger.
thanks ahmad :)
i love you la dude.
hey aku ambik gambar kau ni,jangan marah taw.haha
btw,kirim salam kat girlfriend kau,nanti aku nak kenal dengan dia.hee


Ahmxd said...

always grow stronger dudes..

myra ameer said...

thanks dude :)