Saturday, August 28, 2010


honey,i'm sorry for today cause i'm late.
i'm go out berbuka puase together with super husband,abg,ehsan,efa (gf tajul),syud,dinda <3
,epic,abg nizam,ariff shah dan ramai lagi.
masa sampai je dekat skate park,OMG they didn't puasa,too many.only 1 of them puasa was abg.
on time berbuka we little bit panic.hahaha.weyh weyh da azan belum?hahaha
so many question kind of that topic.hahaha
my super husband can't eat his nasi ayam pity right?he can't eat the nasi ayam cause the red ants already eaten hahaha
then i shared it my laksam with super husband and also roti john.
we all at the skate park until 10 pm maybe.
then we move to damai or keramat i already forgot the name of place.
lepak-ing for a while.
after that we go to muzium telekom ariff shah wanna take my picture to his photo project.
so i and super husband be his model.
have 1 picture ariff shah told me that we have to kissing.\
and i feel so ashamed.hahaha
then a few minute later i do it the kissing picture.hahaha
it's like wedding picture i feel.hahaha
then we all back home around 2 a.m maybe.

i wanna say this for those people.
super husband: honey,i'm sorry.cause i'm late
dinda :i love you dinda <3 thanks for walk with me.from now i wanna cal u dinda.hee
ariff shah: thanks for take our picture :)

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