Saturday, August 7, 2010

My super husband make birthday party for me today :)

Today my super husband make birthday party for me.
Honey thanks a lot :)
i love you.
aku cinta padamu.haha
adinda cintakan kekanda.hahahaha
thanks for cupcake.
thanks for ur love.
thanks for ur care.
i love u so much mohamad syafiq mohamad sani

i get the egg and mee on my hair.
i also get a piece of choc at my face.
i get the egg from ehsan or zera maybe cause that time i wanna eat then they hit it.
at the egg have something.
i will upload the picture of the egg.

seriously i can't describe my happier day on words.
i will describe it on my picture and some of video but im not upload today.
i already tired.

love u blogger

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