Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fasting month :)

Happy fasting month for muslim.Thank god it after my birthday hee.
Seriously this year my birthday i don't feel excited as i feel 2 years ago huh..i don't know why?
Maybe cause about 2 years ago.i be like this.
i miss my old party birthday.
so much fun.i have a super big cake,so many my friends come to the party and the present.
But they all my old stories.
My birthday on this sunday 8.8.2010 i be turn on 18.
yeah i already teenager :)
in my mind right now.what he will do to me on my birthday?
Did he give me present?
Did he buy me a cake?
Did he do party birthday for me?
Did he will spend time at me all day long?
Did he can make me happy on that day?
Did he can make me always remember that was the best party that i ever have?
Erm...i don't know.
i want to write until here,cause my stomach hurt (girl sick)

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