Thursday, July 15, 2010

Untouched with her words :)

Let me story about my daily life first.
On wednesday 14 july 2010 im watched despicable me on 3D.wahhhhh
Yellow small cartoon very super cutie.Im adore it.
Im watched with my super husband and my brother(arip afro)

Im adore them.I wish i have two :) im just company my super husband play skate and im having new picture but now the picture are not with me.The picture at my super husband.
We back to my big title today untouched with her words :)
She wrote this at her blog :)
her name is Ameera Ameer .
mixed Japans .
we being be friend since kindergarten until now !
how amazing :)
we never fight for lil probs :D
we are happy and crazier friend in the world .
she everything for me .
thanks what for everything MYRA !
i do love you when you care bout me .
im so touched when you wrote in your blog .

the question ; siapakah no 1 kepada anda ?
myra answer ; kawan masa sekolah tadika sampai la sekarang .
so sweet :D
aku ingat lagi time jumpe kau kat mys tu , aku mcm
tak percaya yg tu kau .
lain dah dpd dulu , hehe .
but , you treat me as your friend .
like before this .
kau tak pernah sombongg like others guys .
duhhh !
im so happy , then from facebook .
we search our ex schoolmate at SK TAMAN MALURI .
amazing , ramai kot jumpa balik .
ade yg sombongg and ade yg tak .
yg tak tu congrats ahh , korang the best ! :)
okayy , enjoy this pic .
*ade pic dgn die tp banyak dah hilang .
huhu .

Thanks bella.Your my second bestie appreciated me. :)
I hope we friends forever.
And we never change :)

amira ameer

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