Monday, October 17, 2011

all i wanna say

i wanna say this tooooooo guyyyyyyyys

  • if you like 1 girl at least you should tell her that you like her.some time you didn't realize that the way she treat you actually she start like you.
  • when you know that girl like you too,don't give her a long day hint that you like her.just go and tell her that you like her even she not ready in couple's okay :)
  • don't make she wait you or feel like menunggu buah yang tah bila nak gugur nya.i believe maybe she will not be yours.


nur hanis II said...

i like someone and i dah bagitahu dia what i fell and maybe kita tak kan dpat ape yang kita harapkan but at least biar dia tahu perasaan kita dekat dia :')

myra ameer said...

nur hanis:i taw condition you dengan si dia :)