Saturday, August 27, 2011

yeah it's hurt but....

i don't know what to describe my feelings right now sad or not sad or whatever.but the most i feel right now i wanna pray and mengadu dekat allah that's the best way lagi lagi dalam ramadhan ni.

yeah i'm not sad like this before.this is about me and my closerguyfriend.before this his my 2 in 1 means he my boypren and my closerguyfriend too so we've been break,before this cause...... i admit that time i super sad and i can't accept that we break.i'm crying crying and crying until i got my panda eye and my face a little bit pale.selera makan kurang pastu dengar mama bebel.

until 1day he came to my house and we slowtalk maybe.and he make me happy again cause we continue our relation back.i'm very thankful that time.

after we couple again,i think that we're not like this before.
we're rarely contact each other
i'm rarely hear that he said aku rindu kau
rarely hear he said aku sayang kau
and i have my negative thinking that time but for a second.

and few second ago we're chat and my heart feel something my finger suddenly cool,i feel weird.

so that's all i can show you how we break.this second time we break.yeah it's hurt man and i'm speechless.

and to you mycloserguyfriend aku tak malu kan kau taw.nanti aku dah fully okay aku tegur kau okay dan aku nak kau tahu yang aku dah tak benci kau tahu tu.thanks be my goodnews dude.hahahaha.bye.take you.


Azim~jimkimjat said...


kepala otak dia cakap kat facebook.

adik adik kalau nak lepak pergi 18 juta batu jauh. kalau nak blah, tweet je bro.

myra ameer said...

azim:meh sini tweet :)

Azim~jimkimjat said...

arggghhhh. tak pahammmmmm.

anyways, you do what you do is fun and forgetful.

myra ameer said...

azim:ok i da paham.sorry ler slow sikit time tu.hahahaha.yeah i'm trying :)