Thursday, August 4, 2011


wonder why still have people unsatisfied with me
wonder why i can't be happy
wonder why they always wanted me sad
wonder why

did i deserve to be happy for a while?

sekarang aku dalam tahap sakit jiwa meroyan and etc lah.

i try to be chill
i try to be okay
pretend that i'm happy all the time
but it only can pretend for a while.
when i stay alone or there's no one can speak with me,that's the time my heartache come

did i okay?
the answer no absolutely not okay.

nak ngorat perempuan pulak boleh?

i'm sick with this.

but i happy that we still happy but not as usual

i wish we back like before this sayang

p/s:i miss kak aniz so much.hope she fine.sorry akak :(

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