Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i'm not used that

i think ramadhan this year not like before this,cause i stay with my mom.i use to stay with my granny since 3years old until now.when i start to stay with my mom this year it awkward.my ramadhan a little bored cause my mom not good cooker mostly we buka puasa with some food from bazar.the time we want to berbuka it only me and my mom eat 2person,also same with sahur.sometime i'm sahur 1person sometime with mom.my mom sahur early than me,that's why we're not always sahur together.

i miss ramadhan moments at my granny house.there i've got my granny,grandpa,uncle,auntie and also ma kids.my granny very good in cooking.she know what all my favourite food.

for raya preparation my mom house also borinnnnnnnng.we didn't do anything cause my mom already quit her job.

but when at granny house it super ass fun.night before raya we're busy with preparation for raya.we're busy with cleaning our whole house and etc like you alls usual do at your house.first day morning raya finally i back to granny house :)i miss her cook.i was like craving at her house.eating eating and eating.

sometime i wish that somebody can take me to their village when come ramadhan,cause i wanna feel how ramadhan at villange.

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