Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i'm started to love you mama

dear mama.
i'm sorry if few years ago i'm always make you cry
always make you hurt
always ignore you
always said i fuck you 
always said that you're annoying mum
i'm sorry being rude to you mama

but now i'm try to love you second by second till forever mama.
i'm try.
i try to erase my bad feelings about you few years ago.
i'm trying mama.

and i'm always put on my mind that let bygone be bygone
then that's the way i can put my love towards you mama.

i'm trying to tell you everything 
trying to introduce my friends to you
trying to introduce my special boyfie to you too.
i want you never negative thinking about me cause i'm change.

i'm try to spend my free time with you mama.

go shopping with you
share our interest together
help to choose your clothes or whatever that you confuse to choose
go watch cinema with you
sit in 1table with you
talk with you
everything doing with you mama.

i'm trying to love you and erase my words fuck you to love you mama.

i love you mama.
yes i love you so much :)

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