Sunday, July 10, 2011

i miss you

i miss you papa
i miss your voice
i miss you call my name
i miss our laugh
i miss all about us.

tomorrow i will visit you at your grave.
for second time you see your daughter wear hijab.
tomorrow i wish i can see you at your grave like before this cause i miss you papa.

you know i can see you that's why you always appear front of me.

papa i have good news in my life at least ;)
i want you know that you daughter have boypren already and mama like him so much.
i admit that his my good news in my life.
i hope you can see that i'm little bit happy right now papa.

papa i love you


nur hanis II said...

be strong :)

myra ameer said...

nur hanis:i'm try sayang :)

Putut Chan said...

sys myra, be strong. actually, i'm crying while reading those note (: muahx love youuuuu~

myra ameer said...

put:thanks but not now :) hah?serious?ilyt dear and miss you