Sunday, October 10, 2010

you happy i'm super happy

okay yesterday i had a super super happy dirty messy day :D
i make birthday party for him,afro (abg ) and fared (alien ).
they guys have same birthday on 8.10 but afro ( i think 20 something haha )
super husband and fared on that day they both already 19 years old.
happy old day dude!
have 20 or 30 people come to the party even we were so damn
to search place where to sit.haha.
suppose to be make at skate park but...
have raining dude!
so we rush search place to eat.
finally we got the place at avenue k 
when we come to the place it become super super chaos.
it usual yaww.jackass family always do chaos.
sorry for those who came late.
i can't keep cake or mee hun for you.
sorry kak aniz i can't keep cake for you.

on 8 pm we go to skate park.
i got flour from jackass family.
2 packet flour on my head but thank god not egg :)
they all said my face like geisha.hahaha.
dinda also said.she said if i wear red lipstick it perfect look geisha.

super husband got present from fared (alien ),dinda,arep mambang,
and sam.i just give him cupcake that i made it myra made yaww :)

for you dinda i know you will read it
thank yaww cause give me baju kurung moden pink
colour unfavourite. haha
for me pink is to girly.
if you know me,you know why i'm dislike pink.
the clothes nice suite with me dinda

about the picture guys i will upload no worries :)

take care
love you reader :)

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