Sunday, October 3, 2010

tengok wayang

hey hey reader blog
on saturday yesterday

i'm hang out on 2.00 or 3.00 afternoon
straight to klcc then go skate park for a while
erm,pavillion for buy cinema ticket.
i have some fight or untouch time with my super husband
wait for my dear good customer sera nabila

i'm watched alpha and omega in 3D
super best,super funny,super cute,and super everything.haha
this is the hero character.
it name omega.
my super husband character favourite

it was my favourite character
it name alpha.
it cools and very great wolf

sera nabila cute name
okay i think she super nice.
she my first customer treat me super well
yes she super tall than me.
yes she super cute and super nice

she cute right.
i hope u don't mind i put your picture without your permission
orang tue :)

my movie start on 12.30 midnight :)
i'm wearing vintage aww.hahaha
i'm back home around 3 or 4 morning o'clock

okay i can update only here
take care
love you reader

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