Saturday, August 21, 2010

about myra ameer

my IC name amira waki tani bt ameer tadao
i'm 18 years old already on 8 august 1992
stay at desa pandan near with taman maluri and ampang
i'm only the one
i don't have brother,sister or whatever.
just me.
my father name ameer tadao because he pure japan
that's why his name little bit weird
my father work engineer for samsung
my mother name norashikin bt abdul kadir
mama also have mix with chinese cause my grandma mix with chinese

i'm gonna change myself to good
because i don't want people around me hate me.
i wanna change to good :)
i also wanna control my words :)
more respect people
i also don't want to care about people so much.
i think about i wanna be hipokrit...
erm...i don't want to be like that.
i wanna be honest
in the same way i wish i can control my words again..
my life not at all best.
because i have little bit worse life.
i don't want to expose it in blogger cause it privacy.
only my close friends know my worse life.

mohamad shafiq mohd sani
he my best lover in my life.
today 22.8.2010 9 month we have been in love
have been in some much thing
we not always been happy
sometime we been sad
sometime we been fight
but he always patient with me
he always love me the way i are.
i love u honey so much
happy 9 month together honey :)

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