Friday, June 11, 2010

11 JUNE 2010

Im just date with my super husband at Mcd desa pandan for a while.

Here i have some words that i make it for my super husband

I love you....
I love you so much....
I love you so damn much...
I love you super much...
I love you forever..
I love you until we old.
I love you until we die.hope so. ;)
I love my panda..
I love my future husband in 10 years.

My love.
I never think want to leave you even in 1 years
                                                           1 month
                                                           1 week
                                                           1 day
                                                           1 hour
                                                           1 minute
                                                           1 second
Because you are the best boyfie that i've ever have.

We've been in love in half a year. :)

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